Engagement Session Fun! Love! Joy!

Hi everyone,


Spring has sprung, the grass is ris….Made the most of this gorgeous spring day to capture some gorgeous people! It was actually freezing the days following.:)

First up meet Sheila!



Gorgeous right? Then meet gorgeous George.


Melbourne Wedding Photographer, Engagement portrait


Put them together and you get one totally gorgeous engaged couple. I spent lots of time chasing the light and sunflare, well because light and love and love and light! We had a fun time in the blossoms.


Every where we went actually. Love, light and sheer joy just radiated from these two.

We walked around a lot and talked along the way. One of the things I asked if they would mind sharing with me, was how George proposed.


So how did he propose? He asked Sheila “Oh how did I propose?, I don’t remember now” and Sheila laughed and said “He proposed a thousand times”. I couldn’t leave it at that! So I asked what Sheila’s response was. She said something and started laughing. “What did you say?” I asked.

“To the hell no!” said Sheila.


Although as George said “very harsh”

I could not stop laughing with them, then Sheila said “Well now it’s changed to “To the hell yes!”

And you can see why!

Love, Engagement


Love, engagement

I took way too many photos- I even told them so at the time. Could not resist! Then there were too many to look at, with only subtle changes between photos. My husband came in while I was collating the gallery and said “You are obsessed with them aren’t you?”

Yes! Yes I am! To the hell yes! I can not wait to capture your wedding.

Gallery coming soon.




Yallambie Family Session.

A very quick sneak peek into todays family session in Yallambie!

This family was so relaxed and were wonderful to work with and just be around.


family photographer , Yallambie


Photographer Yallambie, Portraits


Heidelberg Photographer Maree Jaeger


Yallambie Photographer Maree Jaeger

Amazing beautiful family- thank you so much for allowing me to capture some images for you.




It is an honour and a privilege to photograph people, and it is not something I take lightly. Many families and couples have allowed me into their lives and allowed me to create experiences for them which I hope they will treasure for a long time. I know I do. Many have shared amazing stories with me and I am so greatful for that. Daily.

So this post titled Cancer is a personal aside, but I hope you can see it relates to all of us.

One of my very first clients (although I did not know this at the time) had cancer and passed away a few months later.  It was a family session with three generations within the family and I loved this gentleman instantly. When I looked at the photographs after the session I immediately criticised everything that was wrong about them. However  the photographs that I took that day, meant so much to the family. A member of the family contacted me after the funeral and said that I captured him at his very best and finest. That meant everything to me.  I have photographed children with rare and untreatable cancers and I think of them and their families every day. Every single day.

While I consider myself to be the type of person that see’s and appreciates moments and things, (and try to share these things with my clients in their photos of people they love) I think that a diagnosis of cancer or any brush with your own mortality brings this closer to mind.

Nicholas D. Kristof  writes about  this “This is trite but also so, so true: A brush with mortality turns out to be the best way to appreciate how blue the sky is, how sensuous grass feels underfoot, how melodious kids’ voices are. Even teenagers’ voices. A friend and colleague, David E. Sanger, who conquered cancer a decade ago, says, “No matter how bad a day you’re having, you say to yourself: ‘I’ve had worse.’ “I don’t mean to wax lyrical about the joys of tumors. But maybe the most elusive possession is contentment with what we have…And, believe me, it’s never too early – cancer or no cancer – to start appreciating our wondrous world, instead of disparaging its imperfections.” (read his full letter over here)

Last year 4 of my friends were diagnosed with cancers of varying types all from different walks of life and all had very different journeys.

One of them, Shireen Hammond (latest award Photographer of the Year 2015 just by the by) very honestly and bravely shared her journey via video entries the start of which is here.

Then this year, my amazing beautiful and witty friend was diagnosed with bile duct cancer you can read her honest and beautiful account of her story here.

For the months of August and September 2015 I will be donating my session fee ($150)  for all family/children portraits to Pancare, so if you have been wanting a photo session experience and also want to help and support people who have been diagnosed with cancer please get in contact with me to book your session. Or if you feel inclined just donate directly on the page.

I’d love to hear in the comments below how you try and appreciate things each day:)

sometimes you never know the value of a moment until its a memory.


Flowers, cancer




Pancare Foundation



Mothers Day: Photo session experience

Long time no blog- have been spending lots of time trying to get my elbow better- as it turns out I had to have surgery to remove four pieces of bone that were preventing me from straightening it. I am slowly commencing business again and to celebrate the return to my babies (cameras) I am having a Mothers Day give away. Now I’m the sort of person that doesn’t even know when Mother’s Day is until the crazy hits the shops (and even then I’m still unsure of the actual day!).


Mother’s Day is not just about one day- its about every day and every night! Motherhood is an amazing experience (I’m not waxing lyrical about it either, as I type my youngest child has been crying/screaming/bawling for almost an hour like a two a year old- he’s not a two year old incidentally!) but it’s not about one day that you open the Mothers Day Card. Speaking of which last year Hallmark in the Netherlands inserted a camera into some mothers day cards to capture the reaction of the mum’s as they read the card. You can see that below.

‘Hidden Camera Card’ for Hallmark from Lemz on Vimeo.

In my work I like to create and capture an experience for you- the connections that you have and create memories that you can share for a long time. (“Do you remember when that crazy photographer took us to…” No! Not that one! The one where your family are interacting naturally and you forget I am there until I show you the joy, the laughter and the love you have for each other in the images I take of you. I am having a little competition (Melbourne/Hobart peeps only please) all you have to do is tell me in 25 words or less one of your favourite memories that involve your mum- it could be recent or something you remember from your childhood.The winner will receive a gift voucher for a photo session experience (valid for a year) and complimentary gift print from your photo session experience.
Entries close May 30th 2015. (yes I know that’s after “Mothers Day” :))
Please note that the prize must be taken as above and can not be taken as cash.
The winner must be contactable and will be announced on this blog.

For those wanting to purchase gift certificates for Mothers Day or any day please contact me:)

Elbow: Office temporarily closed.

Well unfortunately I have dislocated my elbow- my friends would have expected me to do this while hanging off a cliff trying to get a shot or climbing walls trying to get a shot etc etc you can be inventive here but alas I was barely moving. My elbows have been the amusement of many pt’s who just could not work out how they could move that way. Well being hypermobile has it’s drawbacks-and I have been advised to shut down shop for a little while until it gets better.


Thanks for your understanding.