Buy Melbourne Eureka to help!

Ok, so I don’t mean the actual building but a unique image of it. This piece titled Eureka Tower Reflected was successful in gaining entry into the New North (now known as Photonet Gallery) exhibition in 2010. It was priced at $550 and would suit an office building or contemporary style house. I believe in giving back to the community through my business and over the years have supported many charities and local organisations. This year I am auctioning this framed and ready to hang image off to the highest bidder to help Merrikk a talented young dancer compete as part of the International Dance Organisation. I first saw Merrikk dancing when I didn’t even know him- but from all the dancers I picked him out as someone exceptional. I have the eye! I’m telling you!:)

and bad photo of the photo but I wanted you to see the framing and mats.

Merrikk is 10 years old and has been dancing and singing since he was 4 years old and dance means the world to him. His dream is to sing and dance professionally when he is older. Merrikk shows amazing dedication to his love of dance. He trains 6 days a week and loves every second of it. Merrikk as it turns out attends the same school as my kids do, so of course I have gotten to know him and not only is he a talented dancer, he is a lovely and genuine person.  Merrikk has been fortunate enough to be selected to be part of the Australian National team.

While being selected as part of the Australian National team is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the costs associated with this need to be self-funded by the individual’s family who financially are unable to afford the costs involved. So I am extremely happy and proud to be art of a team dedicated to making Merrikks dance dreams come true.

The arts of any kind are a tough gig (In other lifetime I used to perform in theatre/ I know what is involved to be dedicated to a life in the arts).

I believe if kids (or anyone for that matter) is passionate about something they should have opportunities to pursue that passion.

So- I would love to find a buyer for this image to support Merrikk. So if you know anyone that likes architecture, the Eureka building or needs a piece of art for their home or office building please send them my way. I am hoping it will go to a local buyer and I can deliver it, but if you are interstate or overseas talk to me and we will see what we can do regarding postage. Bidding starts NOW!! Would love for bidding to start at $500 please lets get behind this young talent! Please email me

It is not the typical Eureka Tower image I know….but there are heaps of them out there and they aren’t supporting a good cause! Also if you had of witnessed me actually taking the photo squatting and leaning like a lunatic to line the reflection up you will know that was at least worth $1k in public humiliation;)

Seriously though, if you don’t like this photo but want to help Merrikk or know of a business that loves to support young artists please pop over to Merrikk’s Facebook page or email we really want to make this happen for him so any help is appreciated!! It could be an item we could raffle/auction or a sponsorship/donation.

Thanks so much,


Wedding Photography and Queensberry Albums.

It dawned on me that I am usually in such a hurry to deliver products and albums to clients that I forget to share them, but as you all know by now I switched to provide only Queensberry Albums for my wedding clients. I researched long and hard and spent lot’s of money trying to find a company that

  • had the highest quality products
  • fitted with my philosophy
  • were easy for me to work with

Happily, I found all of this with Queensberry- they offer a range of stunningly beautiful products that will last LIFETIMES. Click through if you want to drool. Or contact me if you are getting married and I will bring you samples to hold and to take your breath away.

So I thought I’d focus on Mel and Phil’s album (because if the truth be known I had a little extra time to deliver them, just before Mel and Phil delivered their first baby.Congratulations again you two I am so excited for you both and this new phase of your life).

There is something magical about carefully sliding out your Queensberry album from it’s velvet bag.

Best Wedding Album Queensberry


Mel and Phil opted for a black leather cover with their names embossed.

Wedding Photographer, Northcote.

The pages are archival and THICK.

Wedding Photographer Northcote The Mandalay


Wedding Photographer, Northcote, The Mandalay

Real photographic paper of the highest standards are used.

Wedding at The Mandalay

Mel and Phil opted for a package which included two mini albums (a replica of the main album) that they could give to their parents.

Queensberry Wedding Album

I know in years to come your latest addition will love to look at these pictures in this beautiful album. Enjoy!


Off duty: Food Photography.

I have always thought how strange is it is that things in my business seem to move in cycles. There will be a run of weddings, then a run of babies, or a heap of headshots following each other and so on. Lately for work, I’ve been doing lots of food and product work. This morning when my husband came out to the kitchen I was taking some chocolates that my extremely talented friend had given me and was putting them on a plate. He laughed at me, shook his head and went out of the room. Which lets face it was the only sane response. I was not “on duty” but I had a sudden urge to photograph these treats. Now I’m sure you have all seen and drooled over Chocolate Chilli Mango’s offerings (food recipes, chocolate and protein bars) and I am sure you may have seen chocolate shots like this…

Chocolate, Chocolate Chilli Mango

and this

Chocolate Chilli Mango

but the thing is, I was off duty- I had no client brief so I could do whatever I like.

So I broke a salted caramel bar so you could see the goodness inside. (I know, I’m a hero right?)

Salted Caramel Bar- Chocolate Chilli Mango

Oozing caramel goodness

Salted Caramel Bar by Chocolate Chilli Mango

Yes and that mark on the right piece is my finger print….or possibly my tongue print. They really and truly are delish.

Now, as most of you would know I am a simple girl. I like my chocolate dark and good and dark and chocolate. I generally don’t like too many things mixed together. For example I like my chocolate just like that. I like raspberries fresh and off the plant straight into my mouth. I have tasted a great deal of chocolate in my time (hmmmm this is starting to sound a bit confessional!) and I know I am “meant” to like raspberry and chocolate combinations but I just don’t. Or didn’t. Until this came along. I am skeptical about raspberry and chocolate together (call me what you will) so when Choc Chilli asked me if I liked chocolate and raspberry I kind of had that “mmm not really” look on my face.  I kind of said “hmmmm well..” she insisted that I would like these ones. So when hubby decided to eat one I said can I have a little taste. It would be wrong to dismiss it without TRYING it. Well I was just blown away. I admit defeat- she was correct I liked it. I really did. Usually raspberry and chocolate together, well usually the raspberries overpowered the chocolate for me and just muddied the whole thing in my mouth. Making it, in my view a complete waste of good chocolate. This however was different- the flavours BALANCE perfectly- the ratio is PERFECT. The raspberry and chocolate COMPLIMENT each other not compete and muck each other up. Yes right I am sounding like a chocolate reviewer which is a bit scary. Back to the photography….here is the best raspberry chocolate in the universe. Choc Chilli is selling her goodies so if you want to photograph them yourself pop over to her site. Or eat them. Yes.

Happy Easter one and all.

Best Raspberry Chocolate in the Universe.


Food! Products!

Well been a bad blogger again- and that’s ok:)

Have been busy with commercial work, products and food and the like.

Then come May I will be working on personal work- conceptual and fine art pieces.

Until then a few appetisers…


Potatoes Maree Jaeger Photography

Baked Potatoes

Sugar Snap Peas,

Garlic, Maree Jaeger

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Behind my Weddings: Two people in love and a crazy photographer.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine suggested it would be good if I could write a blog post to show how I think and approach things.  I kind of looked at  him as if he were crazy – why would people want to know what I’m thinking? How I approach things? That’s a whackyhole they won’t be getting out of quickly! He assured me that people want to know the behind the scenes of a weird mind (he might of said creative).

So I put his suggestion on the back burner but over the last few years I’ve had emails and questions from brides about how I did something in a particular image.

I find it hard to go back and try and explain something because by then I’ve moved onto the next thing:)

So some  behind my brain and heart approach to my weddings. (otherwise known as Two People in Love and a Crazy Photographer)

1. I like to know the couple before their big day. I’m not a sticky beak I just genuinely like to know them. I am not the photographer that rocks up and meets the bride and groom on the day. Sure I could do that in a technical sense, but their day is about them- not the photographer.  It’s just the way I am. I believe knowing them informs how I will approach their day. The more I know about them the better I capture the nuances of who they are – both individually and as a couple. I can take images that are meaningful because of the stories they shared with me. In fact some of the images are meaningful to no one else BUT them. If the couple get to know me- and book me to capture their day they are so crazy (in a good way you know?) they actually trust me. This blows me away and it’s such an honor for couples to say to me “just go do your thing”!

Foster Weddings, Foster Wedding Photographer

2. I am very relaxed- I am there to help generally and to help things run smoothly and capture the story of the day for my couple.

3. I am unobtrusive.

I will not turn your wedding into a theatre or circus show about me directing people or placing lights around the place. I am very discrete and adept at moving quietly in and out of crowded spaces. Naturally if the couple has requested family shots after the ceremony I will be making sure (in the nicest way) that the people required are available for the shots.

Maree Jaeger Wedding Photography
This image was the result of good observation and readiness- completely unplanned and some time after the ceremony.


4. I am extremely good at seeing. I don’t just mean what is before me. I am good at seeing details, overall, humour, emotion, creative angles/compositions, simultaneously. Sometimes I see in black and white, sometimes I see how the finished piece will look before I take it. Sometimes the way I see can show or encapsulate lots of things at once. This surprises people and they can appreciate the story of their day from different perspective. They are different photos from those that are taken by Aunty Jean.

Maree Jaeger Wedding Photography

This shot showcases the brides mum and dad, the cake, the guests, the young guest, and the unique elements of the venue.

Daguerréotype Wedding Photography

This was taken completely unposed, I was perched at the top of a stairsection and the bridesmaid was just doing her thing. In my mind I saw it as a daguerréotype as I took it.

5. I laugh a lot, I love details,  I love LOVE; My husband also wants it known that I don’t drink the tea he makes me when I am editing, planning a session, or surprising clients. I’ve just put it in so he feels special, because while writing this I’ve neglected to have the tea he made me. Ahem.

Wedding Bouquet, Maree Jaeger Photography, Home Wedding.

6. I am resourceful. Weather changes, lighting changes, venue issues, timing issues, crowd issues do not phase me but instead inspire me to work creatively. I also use things around me in creative ways. (More on this in another post-some are really odd!).

Maree Jaeger Wedding Photography.
This image was shot through a crowded reception. I  used the existing lights around me that were on the tables. By focusing on the bride I could get this pretty romantic effect.

Is anyone still here?