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The Great Gift Certificate Hunt Banyule.

You’ve heard of hide and seek, geocaching, and Pokemon go- but this is the great gift certificate hunt! This year I have four gift certificates left and I am hiding them in the Banyule area for you to find.
It’s fantastic to shop locally and support local businesses. So, you will find these certificates in the Banyule area.

Each gift certificate is valued at $250 and includes a session and print/product credit. Each one expires 31st Dec 2017.

One will be hidden each week four weeks prior to Christmas. The certificates can not be pooled together so don’t be greedy- one gift certificate per person! (Can not be exchanged for cash).

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Win a great photographic prize and support a talented young dancer.

Raffle tickets are now available for Melbourne and Tassie people wanting to support Merrikk, and pick up a fantastic photographic prize.

Most of the tickets are being sold at the dance school that Merrikk attends- Niche Dance Studios but I have a limited number of tickets available for purchase- they are $20.00 per ticket and the prize is valued at $1,370.

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A dear tweeter friend of mine has a photo challenge going so thought I’d play this week. The theme was diagonal and theres lots in this!

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See and download the full gallery on posterous I’m flat out with business admin at moment hopefully will be back Up to real blogging soon! Also my eldest starts school Monday so been a bit busy there! Some instagram pics from iPhone! Stay well everyone 🙂

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It’s good to mix it up!

Hobart Photographer, Melbourne Photographer, Sydney photographer- lets mix it all up!

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