Happy Hacked New Year!

Bendigo Buddah

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! Yesterday I dragged the family to the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion 🙂 Which seemed like a good way to start the year.

I have been electronically hacked AGAIN! Apologies to those that kept trying to access my website and kept getting the ugly FORBIDDEN message. The website took a while to fix and restore- thanks for your patience.  Now this may have been because I’ve been making improvements to my website to make things easier for my clients, or it could have been that the moon was rising in Phoenix, or that the aliens found a way to infiltrate etc.

However, it also meant that I couldn’t update the Great Banyule Gift Certificate Hunt- so to be clear one of them is missing and the final one has not been found as yet. (please check the page – as I will update the final clue if the certificate is not found soon).

The next hack was my facebook page

My personal facebook was affected as well- to the extent that when I went to login – they told me I’d been hacked and needed to change all my credentials etc. So I did that- and then repeated the process over and over until I gave up on it and took a break from facebook altogether. My friends understand I’m not a big facebook person anyway, but it wasn’t useful for people trying to reach my business that way.

Then the ultimate was receiving a sms from my best friend in Tassie informing me that unless I had been sending him links to dubious websites that my Skype account had been hacked. (Haven’t used it for over a year mind you).

So I think some kind of order has been restored (for now at least) and the emails from Russians who are travelling with their massive families to Australia just so that I can photograph them (insert staring face emoticon here) have finally subsided.


Looking forward to seeing you both from behind the lens and without the lens between us 🙂




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